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We are professional business intermediaries focused on facilitating mid-market business transactions across Northern Ontario. Our firm’s focus is confidentially marketing our Client’s business to buyer prospects that are serious, qualified, and capable of completing the business transaction. A business owner’s identity and confidential information are never compromised – discretion and attention to detail are the cornerstones of our success.

Our firm’s reputation for completing transactions with high quality businesses and our dedication to servicing Northern Ontario is a distinct market advantage. We have developed quality relationships with a network of professionals in the north and have gained considerable knowledge of the unique Northern Ontario business landscape. As such, we have a unique skill-set and the required experience to help you navigate the complex and challenging sale process involving serious financial, legal, tax, and lifestyle implications.


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About Sunbelt Northern Ontario

Our team of professionals are dedicated to facilitating and managing your sale or purchase of a business.

Sunbelt is the largest business brokerage network in the world, with over 250 offices globally, each independently owned and operated. Our Northern Ontario office is no different, with a team of professionals who live and do business on a daily business throughout the North.


“After searching the market for a business broker, it was evident that Sunbelt was the ultimate choice to capitalize on the value of the shares. Many of us trying to sell our businesses are often challenged with shareholder interference (family – non-active – minority) they were able to get us the results when I often questioned if these objectives would ever be attainable. As with many people wishing to sell, we had a valuation done, thinking this would give us a clear picture of what our business was worth. Not only did they find multiple interested parties, through their commitment to us, we enjoyed a much higher value for the shares.”

– Ron & Brenda Malette, Tisdale Bus Lines

“I was very happy with Sunbelt Business Brokers handling of the sale of our business. Sunbelt set up a comprehensive package and worked hard to find a “good fit buyer”. They definitely went the extra mile to find a buyer for a business situated remote and to assist the buyer in getting the funding to close the sale.”

– Bishop & Carol Hennessy, Two Bay Enterprizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Our intermediaries have significant experience pricing and marketing businesses exclusively in Northern Ontario. We are continually adding to an internal database of qualified buyers who are actively seeking opportunities in the north, and we also have access to an extensive buyer network throughout North America. While you continue to focus on running your business and maintaining maximum value, our firm is busy finding, screening, and working with potential buyers. As a result, you are far more likely to sell at an optimal price when we have found the right buyer for your business.

Our firm understands the importance of a proper valuation before taking your business to market. If your business is priced too high, buyers will not be attracted and will simply spend their time and energy moving onto the next opportunity. If your business is priced too low, you will lose out on obtaining the true value of your business. Alternatively, lending institutions may refuse to provide financing if a business is valued higher than it should be, causing frustration and wasting time for all parties involved in the transaction. Our firm utilizes several methods in our valuation process in order to determine what a buyer would willingly pay for your business, taking into consideration a wide range of factors surrounding the size and complexity, type, and cash flows of your business.

One of the major advantages of buying an existing business is the predictability of future cash flow. The existing processes, employees and resources of the business provide a foundation for continued success and profitability, which is often further grown by an incoming buyer. Additionally, existing businesses with a history of profitability are typically much easier to obtain financing for.

Business transactions typically entail a combination of buyer’s equity, third-party financing (lending institution) and often, seller financing. The appropriate mix depends on a number of factors including the buyer’s personal investment capability, the specific business’ dynamics, and economic trends. Our team of professionals readily assists buyers in sourcing appropriate financing for the acquisition.

The time required for a sale depends on many factors including the price of your business, current market conditions, the type of business, and location, among others. Transaction timelines typically range from 6 to 18 months from our initial conversations to closing the sale. Many factors contribute to the length of time it takes to reach a satisfactory deal, including how reasonably the business is priced and the desired terms of the sale.

Recent Successful Northern Ontario Transactions

Below are a few examples of our recent successfully closed transactions. The information is restricted to the industry in which the business operates in order to respect and maintain the seller/buyers need for confidentiality.

  • Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing Business – Closed
  • Transportation Business – Closed
  • Construction and Excavation Business – Closed
  • Industrial Laundry and Restoration Business – Closed
  • Ski Resort – Closed
  • Hair Salon Business – Closed
  • Cabinet Design and Installation Business – Closed
  • Building Materials and Lumberyard Business – Closed
  • Retirement Home Business – Closed
  • Multi-Dealership and Gas Station Business – Closed
  • Gas Station and Convenience Store Business – Closed
  • Sign Design and Manufacturing Business – Closed

Amy Adams

The leadership of a European telecommunications provider turned to Consult Expert for support. It focused on helping the company.

Amy Adams

The leadership of a European telecommunications provider turned to Consult Expert for support. It focused on helping the company.

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