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wooden Q&A and question and exclamation mark

By: Amy Luoma

Once you have made the decision to sell your business, you should take some time to think about possible buyer questions you may be asked. Potential buyers don’t know the business or the industry like you do, so their ability to ask detailed questions is the best way for them to determine whether or not …

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person holding a pen, looking over a confidential paper

By: Amy Luoma

When selling most things, it’s common to broadcast it to as many people as possible to help generate the greatest amount of interest. This is the exact opposite approach that should be taken when selling a business. The business sale process should be kept extremely confidential. A lack of confidentiality when selling a business can …

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By: Amy Luoma

When you are the owner of a business, it is always a good idea to be questioning what’s next, not just for the business, but for yourself as well. After thinking it over, you may realize that you want to sell your business. This decision is not an easy one, and you’re bound to have …

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person holding pencil near laptop when selling your business

By: Amy Luoma

Does this sound familiar to you?  As a successful entrepreneur, you’ve never been someone who has struggled to make decisions. But when it comes to following through on selling your business, here you are, unable to fully commit.
Plant with coins in financial office

By: Amy Luoma

When you visit your accountant, do they dread your visit? Buyers are more interested in businesses with a history of reliable financial performance with stable, growing revenue and earnings. Disorganized record keeping is the biggest barrier when it comes to selling a business.
computer on desk used for financing

By: Amy Luoma

Financing the purchase of a business can be a challenge. Working with experienced, local advisors who can help to creatively structure deals to implement alternatives that satisfy both buyers and sellers will help with the successful transaction of ownership.